T H E  C R E A T O R S

Mariah Padilla, Host & Creative Director

Unassuming Collective was founded by Mariah Padilla (26). She is a current absorber of the fast-paced Los Angeles lifestyle. Mariah is inspired by human interaction and thrives on the need to reveal what it is that drives, haunts, inspires and thrills the unknowingly extraordinary people of the world. She conducts all interviews and takes all photographs for Unassuming Collective. Outside of this project, Mariah is a songwriter, a poet and a vocalist.


Alessandro Marquez, Sound Artist & Producer

Alessandro Marquez (23) is an audio engineer, sound designer and musician born to Colombian and Venezuelan parents and raised in Central Florida. Alessandro currently lives in Los Angeles, a city where he quickly became immersed in the entertainment industry. From working on major productions for concerts and live events to producing and designing sounds for small cinematography and EP projects, Alessandro is putting his hard-earned skills to use and taking advantage of the opportunities around him. He is infatuated with music and how sound has the ability to tell stories and define culture. 

Unassuming Collective has begun hosting Storytelling Open Mics in the Long Beach community and plans to expand. Read about our events thus far: