Everyone has a story, but not everyone gets asked to share it. That's where we come in. Bringing stories, untold, to life. 

Photojournalism meets musical composition to create a multimedia podcast that brings to life stories of human experience. Unassuming Collective is an exploration of the hearts and minds of those who have great lessons to share, but who rarely get asked what the world looks like through their eyes. 

The goal of this podcast project is to stand as a reminder that we in this together and we can better our communities by sharing our stories and listening intently to one another.

This podcast allows listeners to ponder ideas of trauma, loss, memory, love and dreams. It scratches at the questions: How do we keep going when it seems like we have already passed the end? What drives us to be better people? How do we define fear? What is our greatest life lesson? And more.

...Unassuming Collective aims to strengthen the sense of community that exists in Long Beach by providing the community a safe space to tell intimate stories.
— Long Beach Post